International Siberian Conference on Digital Ethics and Digital Humanities

About the conference

The event is held in one of the leading Сlassical Universities in Russia with the information and organizational support of the Association «NEURONET». «NEURONET» is a semi-governmental organization that determines the strategic direction of the intelligent information technologies development in Russia. The event will be a platform for interdisciplinary discussion of the issues of humanitarian knowledge automation with the use of artificial intelligence methods and big data technologies. On the other hand, the conference will include an interdisciplinary discussion of global ethical and philosophical challenges of information and communication technologies development, as well as legal issues of information society and artificial intelligence technologies development in Russia, including for «NEURONET».


The target audience of the conference is representatives of the academic community (including master’s students and postgraduate students). The range of scientific interests of the potential audience is wider than modern IT: system analysis, artificial intelligence systems and computer-aided information processing, since the participation of a wide range of specialists in the humanities, primarily linguists and philologists, is expected. The discussion will also be interesting to specialists in the field of archival and library science, as well as to researchers in the field of social, philosophical and methodological problems of the intellectual technologies development and dissemination. Expert opinions and the results of the discussion will be used in the activities of the enterprises of the «NEURONET» cluster.


National Research Tomsk State University (TSU) is the first Russian University on the territory of Russian Asia (in fact, the first Russian University on the East of the Volga River). Today TSU is one of the leading Russian universities, participates in world and Russian rankings, as well as in key Federal projects to promote Russian universities on the world stage.


C 28.06.2021 by 30.06.2021


  1. Automated text analysis.
  2. Data processing in sociological and cultural studies.
  3. Digital document storage, cataloging, and scientometrics.
  4. Artificial intelligence in psychological and cognitive researches.
  5. Security and responsible behavior in the information society.
  6. Professional ethics and international standards in the artificial intelligence development.
  7. Ethical aspects of human and machine interaction.
  8. Future challenges for robotic science and artificial intelligence.

Publication of materials

An application for the publication of selected materials in English has been submitted to ACM International Proceedings. Alternative options are also being considered. The site will be updated after the conclusion of the contract.

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