Dates for publishing articles
The main work on the articles begins after the deadline and lasts 1-1.5 months. After processing and coordination with the authors of the corrections in the articles, the generated collection is sent to the journal. And a month later it is published on the journal website. Thus, the total publication time is usually 2-3 months. after the deadline for accepting articles.
Deadline for indexing articles
Indexing of articles in international Scopus or Web of Science databases occurs 1-10 months after the publication of the journal issue on the site. It is impossible to determine the exact date, since it already depends on the workload of organizations serving the database. On average, the indexation period is 3-6 months, but often changes in one direction or another.
The procedure for working with the organizing committee when submitting articles for publication
You fill out the article and the necessary accompanying files (depending on the magazine, this may be a questionnaire and a license agreement) according to the templates. You send the executed files to the address of the organizing committee. The organizing committee checks your materials within 2-3 weeks and sends you either a letter of acceptance or a letter of the need for revision. If you received a letter about the need for revision, then finalize the article within the agreed time and send it for re-examination. After accepting the article, you will pay the registration fee for the details enclosed in the letter. The collection formed from the prepared and corrected articles is sent by us to the journal and paid. A month after that, the magazine publishes the ordered number. After you finish the article, you’ll get
General rules for writing articles
In order for your article to be accepted for publication and you have no problems with revision, it is advisable to follow the rules common to all publications
  • Articles should be written in good Russian and English.
  • In the list of authors, to avoid errors during indexing, write the name according to the design template. If the template does not contain indications on this account, then first First Name, and then Surname (Name, Surname);
  • The article should be structured, i.e. contain sections, for example, Abstract, Introduction, Results and Discussion, Conclusion, etc;
  • Links should be made strictly in accordance with the requirements of publications (see templates on the conference website), it is advisable to refer only to those publications that are indexed in international databases;
  • At least half of the sources used in the list of references must be no older than 10 years;
  • In the list of used literature should be no more than 2 references to the work of the authors of the article;
  • The number of pages in an article must be at least the minimum number of completely filled pages specified in the requirements;
  • Do not use any borrowing in your articles. Even quotes from other sources need to be rewritten in your own words. Most magazines do plagiarism checks. Borrowing from one’s already published work and quotation of more than one sentence also refers to plagiarism, even with reference to the source.